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Great Leaders Inspire Great Followers - Boot Camp

Brian Tracy says,

"Leadership is the ability to elicit extraordinary performance from ordinary people"


Join us for a TrainerTainment Style Leadership Bootcamp that is sure to build your leadership muscle!


Week 1: We will focus on creating a Vision, Mission, and Culture that will inspire you and your team. A leader's greatest challenge is often times the ability to get their own vision out of their head and into the hearts of the people they are leading. In order to run a successful business, department, or team a leader must start with the development of the vision, a way to carry out the mission, and a focus on the culture they are trying to create for their team and their customers. 


Week 2: Communication-One of the strongest assets that any leader must possess is the ability to communicate with clarity and purpose. It is difficult to follow a fuzzy leader. If you've ever struggle with getting your message across, then the focus on communication during week 2 is sure to make a difference. 


Week 3: Stress management-Leaders carry the responsibility for results. Often times this can create a great deal of stress. A stressed leader needs the kind of tools that help her/him glide along the top of the water like a duck even when their feet are flapping like crazy just beneath the surface in order to hold them up! Stress doesn't have to be all bad and learning how to better deal with it can command new respect for any leader who learns to manage stress at a new level. 


Week 4: During the leadership bootcamp each participant will be encouraged to take on the leadership role in their center by participating in a bootcamp project that has them putting on a training for their team. We will debrief each participant's team training experience during week four.  As a bonus we will begin this week with a leadership learning that focuses on time management. Week four promises to be lively and insightful as we debrief the leadership training experience. 


It is recommended that each Bootcamp attendee also attend or at least watch the "Management is for the Birds" free webinar, July 10th. We will keep it available on our website for review.